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Who We Are

HKVBenaras (Hath Kargha Vastra Benaras) is a D2C (direct to Consumer) brand dedicated to bringing you exquisite, luxurious brocades and weaves. Owned by HKV Benaras private limited. We aim to give textile heritage modern relevance, increased accessibility, empathic values, and freedom of design. In our endeavors, our aim is to bridge the gap between consumers, designers, businesses, and weavers. We do the same by eliminating a number of intermediaries to establish fairness in trade, brevity in communication, and in service. have come.

Our Story

Plenty of beauty brands claim to be ethical. But here at Kester Black, With the advent of the pandemic and a drastic global shift, the urgency to act and the need to undertake responsibility has become clearer than ever. The weaving clusters of Benaras have faced tremendous loss and displacement of livelihood and to combat the struggles of his people, visionary Kunal Maurya a Textile Engineer from IIT-Delhi, experienced as DataScientist at multiple startups and MNCs spearheaded the conception of HKV Benaras.

For your design needs, we accompany the assurance of… •

  • A skilled army of 500+ weavers artisans.
  • A team with unparalleled design expertise.
  • A systematic and streamlined approach toward communication.
  • Freedom, flexibility, and myriad customizations to suit your aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Integrity in work and promptness in delivery.


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