Holi Essentials: Everything from Celebration to Self Care


Holi Essentials: Everything from Celebration to Self Care. 




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After almost two years of being locked in our homes, we know there’s not a time more apt than Holi to unleash your inner social beast. We know that we all harbor a deep urge to revel in reckless abandon of color, music and unparalleled enthusiasm of this festival. However, before you go all out into the Holi rhythm, we have curated a list of preventive measures for your skin and overall well being so that you’re just as colorful and lively even after the celebrations. 



But before we delve into the nitty gritties of self care to be followed this coming festive season, do you know why we celebrate holi?



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Traditionally, the first day is celebrated as Holika Dahan where a pyre is burnt and in some traditions offerings are made in the pyre to commemorate the change of seasons. More broadly speaking it marks the victory of good over evil which is illustrated in the story of Hiranyakashypu and his son Prahlada. 



Further, a local legend in Uttarakhand suggests that Krishna’s insecurity about his blue skin, prompted him to smear colors whilst professing his love for Radha. This in the years to come became the festival that we now celebrate with much gusto. 


How does India Celebrate Holi?


The North of India is far from subtle when it comes to festivals and things take on a mega enthusiastic turn rather quickly.  In Madhura and Vrindavan, where Krishna is revered, this festival can be celebrated over multiple days. In Haryana, people form a pyramid and partake in the ritual of matki phod and in towns like Barsana and Nandgaon, Lathmar Holi is celebrated where women welcome men with sticks instead of colors. Holi has a special place in Bengali tradition being the last festival of the regional calendar. Known as Dolyatra, celebrations here are dignified and sophisticated. Holi celebrations aren’t as prominent in the South as they are in the North. Nonetheless as urban spaces become more culturally diverse, one can see small pockets of communities go on with their familiar practices. In Maharashtra, celebrations amongst the fisherfolk involve a lot of singing and dancing. In urban spaces, one often observes Bollywood or locally familiar genres of music being played during celebrations. In Gujarat, Holi is considered a harvest festival and fasting is observed on the first day. The bonfire is lit on the evening marking the end of winter, many offers are made into the bonfire and the next day people play with colors. 

Image Source: https://www.cuddlynest.com/

How can you take care of your skin this Holi? 

The enthusiasm for Holi is already in the air, however, hold your horses before you step outside without giving a second thought about your skin. To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of suggestions and subsequent alternatives if practiced would help you have a jolly time  post the celebration. 




  1. Use a sunscreen of SPF20 and above. A higher SPF is recommended for skin types prone to pigmentation and moisturizer as an accompaniment is ideal for dry skin.

  2. A leave on hair serum or conditioner is advisable to help sustain the health of your hair. 

  3. For those among us who prefer all natural alternatives, coconut oil is the go to. 

  4. A transparent varnish applied on your nails would save you the trouble of cleaning off excess color pigmentation. 

  5. A cup of cold Milk with one teaspoon of any oil of your choice can also be mixed to make your DIY cleanse. 

  6. Scrub gently with a loofah and be careful around the sensitive zones of your body. 

  7. Mild, herbal shampoos for your hair are a safe bet as you wouldn’t add to already existing chemical damages if any.

  8. To combat the effects on the quality of your skin you could follow it up with sandalwood and other natural face masks.

  9. A continual ritual of moisturization if followed in the days post celebration would not only help retain the vitality of your skin but also revive it in many ways. 



Where can you buy organic, skin and environment friendly colors? 



While retaining traditions is of high import, with evolving times we must collectively realize the necessity of making shifts in our practices and approach. This Holi, we urge you to use organic colors and make a much more impactful move not just towards the environment but also to those around you. 

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