How to choose a saree that suits your body?

The saree is a drape that universally appeals across different ages and bodies. However, if you’re someone who is looking to adorn themselves more mindfully and enhance the features that make you uniquely you, this buying guide is exactly what you’re looking for to help you make your next purchase. You may also read an extensive guide on online craps slot game as well as other slot providers which will allow you to immerse into an extraordinary gaming atmosphere and relax after a hard day.

Compliment your Curves:

Curvaceous women should ideally be on the lookout for bold, bright and abstract designs with cascading borders. Georgettes will  be amongst the most effortless choices. The weave is breathable and also would help you create a balance between your upper and lower body. 

For heavier curves, chiffons and lustrous silks will compliment you like no other. Nobody can pull off dark colors the way you do. Minimal, sophisticated brocades, delicately strewn butis all over the length and breadth of the saree are also extremely befitting. 

P. S. Pair your sarees with a long sleeved blouse and watch how it takes up the regality by several notches!

Curvaceous Frame: Bold, lustrous silk paired with a full sleeved blouse. 

Compliment your Height:

For women with a slim and tall stature, translucent weaves, iridescent tussars, cottons, raw silks as well as linens make for extremely flattering choices. To create an appealing visual contrast and to further draw to your persona, big bold motifs as well as heavy, intricately bordered sarees are ideal. 

Tall stature: Big bold motifs, heavy and intricately bordered.

P. S. If you wish to create an illusion of a shorter torso, you could do the same by adding smaller and subsequently more pleats. While tucking them in, wrap your saree more tightly around your hip and taper it slightly downward near the gathers to create a mermaid-esque look. 

Pleats create an elongated illusion.  Image credits: Natasha Thasan. 

Compliment a Petite Frame: 

To create an apparition of length, opt for vertical motifs like aada jangla and go for thin borders with plain or small butidaar sarees. Avoid big and loud motifs that will only make you appear shorter. Heavy cotton and silk banarasi will work perfectly on your body type and compliment your personality by making you look fuller and taller. Organzas, tissue and tussar silks coupled in pastels would create whimsical moods!

Petite Frame: Small butis strewn on an elegant pastel canvas


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